Recent Projects

900,000 S.F. Self-Storage & Distibution
Warehouse located in New Jersey
Defeased existing $9 million loan &
secured a new 80% L/V permenant loan
in the amount of $25 million VIA
447-Unit Condo Construction Loan
$125,000,000 Money Center Bank
Construction Loan - Additional
$10,000,000 Equity Raise From
450-Unit Condo Conversion - $104
million (85% Loan to Cost) Institutional
Acquisition & Renovation Loan -
Additional $15.4 million Equity Raise via
Institutional J/V partner
Full Service, Five Star Marriott Hotel
75% L/V $40,000,000 Insurance
Company Loan
103-Key Marriott Courtyard -
$15,750,000 Ten-year fixed 30-year
Amortization Loan Via Securitized with
Conduit Lender
Land Acquisition and Pre-development
Loan for West Coast Residential
Project 36-month Interest Only -
$44,000,000 Loan from Bank
Syndication Group
65,000 S.F. Retail Strip Center Re-Fi and
Renovation - $8.3 million with $1.3
million hold-back for renovation - Full
Loan Amount Fixed at Time of Closing
for Seven Years with 30-Years
Amortization Wall Street Lender
Two Office Building Acquisition Bridge
Loan - $51 million, Two-Year Interest
Only Loan with Two Office Buildings
Cross Collateralized - 80% L/V
Regional Bank Syndication

384-Unit Apartment Complex
$21 Million Construction Mini-Perm
Commercial Bank
80% LV

Flex/Warehouse Portfolio
$17,250,000 Permanent Financing
Pension Fund
7.35 Fixed Rate-80% LV
300 Key Marriott Hotel
$21.5 Million Permanent
Insurance Company
75% LV

JW Marriott Hotel - 303 Keys
$47 Million Construction and
Mini Perm / Bank Syndication
70% LV

Commercial Land / Future Development
$20 Million Acquisition
Working Capital
Regional Bank - 70% LV
36 Months

525,000 S.F. Trophy Office Tower
$64 Million Construction
+$26 Million Mezz / Bank Syndication
plus Institutional Mezz
83,000 S.F. Retail Strip Center
$5,700,000 Permanent Financing
Securitized Conduit

1200-Lot Multi-Phase Residential Dev.
$18 Million A & D Loan / 36 Months
Local Bank