About Us

We are client focused and for more than 25 years have successfully financed income and residential projects throughout the United States. We originate loans on a national basis and represent banks, insurance companies, pension funds, credit companies, along with Wall Street firms and institutional equity and mezz lenders.

We are constantly in touch with all types of lenders on a national basis in order to provide our clients with the most competitive financing available. Once we understand what the client's needs are, we match that need with the right source of funds. There are thousands of lenders, however, knowing which ones are right for the client's project saves time and money.

We specialize in two areas: Acquisition and Refinancing of existing income properties and construction of proposed projects. This can be either debt or mezz/equity via our various sources. We also are successful in arranging financing for flagged hotels, parking garages, marinas, and other specialty projects. Acquisition and Development funds for large residential sub-divisions. Typically, funds cover 80% of all soft and hard costs structured in a manner that fits the developer's needs. We also arrange the construction revolver, which of course covers 100% of the actual housing costs. In addition, we arrange condominium construction and conversion financing for well-located projects with strong financial sponsorship.

We also have JV money available for commercial and residential projects. In effect the seed money, or up-front funds required over and above the traditional loans would be put into the deal as pure equity with a preferred rate of return and piece of the ownership. Having been a lender and a broker with national institutions for over 25 years, I have seen just about every possible deal. We are deal makers with solid lender backgrounds. I look forward to helping you with any projects you may need financed in the near future.

Mel Roth, President